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Hello vape community!



Dont Be this guy!


 I know everyone out there wants to blow "fat clouds" and "chuck the vapor," but do you know how to do it SAFELY?  Working in the vape industry, we get a mass load of people that come into our store and want a cloud chasing setup.  They come in with little or no knowledge of battery safety, and want a device that spews huge clouds.  Even though I enjoy big clouds myself, it took me awhile to learn how to get to that point.  The Declaration of Independence does NOT apply to batteries.  First off all batteries are NOT created equal.  All batteries have different amp limits.  You need to know what your batteries' amp limit is, so you know what it can endure.  How you do this is research the brand of battery you own, and find what the amp limit is.  A lot of different sites have posted the majority of major brand batteries' amp limits.  For example  AW IMR 2000mah 18650 batteries have an amp limit of 10 amps.  Sony VTC4 2100 mah batteries have an amp limit of 30.  Therefore the Sony batteries can endure a load much stronger than the AW's.  How this is determined is through Ohms Law.  What you need to do is get ahold of an Ohms Calculator. I know there are plenty of Ohms Law Calculator Apps, and websites.  What you need to know at the end of the day is the resistance (ohms) of your build (coil).  That way you can punch the resistance of your coil into the ohm’s calculator and put 4.2v into the Volts area.  The calculator will do its work, and show you the amp load of what you would be vaping at.  If you know the amp limit of your battery, and know what the builds amperage is at, you can now vape safely.


Below is a chart for safe sub ohm vaping!

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