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Vaping to Lose Weight and Supplement Your Diet!

Mike W

Can vaping really help you lose weight?


Yes it absolutely can and here is why…

Electronic cigarettes or vaporizers have been around for a while now but recently the experience has begun to change. No longer are the days of electronics being a poor substitute for smoking cigarettes. They have evolved!

There are some compelling new reasons for those of us struggling with weight loss to pick up a vaporizer and with zero nicotine options there really is something for everyone!

Electronic cigarettes aren’t just for smokers anymore! With the evolution of the devices and accompanying juices they are starting to become a viable option for those of us trying to lose weight as well!

What is the hardest part about losing weight for you? For me it’s definitely the diet! I mean come on who doesn’t love to chow down hard on way too many sweets and snacks? I do.

Imagine if you could eat Strawberry Cheesecake and Blueberry Cobbler as much as you wanted without gaining a single pound?

That is what the good e-juice makers are making possible! The quality and variety of vaporizer flavors these days is off the charts! Of course there aren’t any nasty butt expanding calories in a vaporizer either!

So when you go to reach for a snack you can reach for your vape instead! You’ll miss the mouth and stomach sensations but that’s a trade off for me. What you will get is the satisfaction of the flavor and some relief for your oral fixation.

I’ve personally had amazing success with vaporizers. I’m a boredom eater. Instead of picking up a piece of candy or doughnut I pick up my vaporizer and have a tasty zero calorie option that isn’t restrictive!

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