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How to use a Kick

After thorough inspection, I can assure you that this is a one solid brass mod. Take a look at this pic.

Threading was really smooth. No squeaking noise at all. Just plain smooth when I disassembled and re-assembled the mod.
When I first assembled this mod, it was firing constantly. NON STOP. Switch was not working. Couldn't figure out why. Later on, I found out that the bottom screw was not tightened, it was touching the battery, causing to fire constantly.

So, guys! Make sure to screw this in TIGHT when you receive them. OR sand down the thickness of the bottom pin.

Air control ring had a rubber sealing inside. I liked that firm grippy feeling when I was adjusting the ring.

I think the air holes needs to be little bit bigger. But oh well... It get's its job done.

The main reason I got this mod was to use Fogger. Fogger has vents on the 510 connection. So, I needed a mod that has air flow at the connection.

Ok. Let's get to the main topic.
I know a lot of you guys wondered whether you can install Kick or not.
I have Kick 2 by Evolv. It took me awhile to figure out how to put everything together using 18650battery.

I found 2 ways to put this together.
The first option is this.

Putting. Switch > (M) tube > (L) tube > (S) Tube (with kick inside)

pin was screwed tightly together. and this is how it looks like 

Everything was tightly screwed. No parts were taken out. It fits like this. I did not adjusted the tubes that way. It just fitted like that.
As you can see, there are gaps on the top and bottom of the kick ring (small tube). Gap between the top cap can be hidden by lowering the air control ring.

The second option is this.

Switch > (M) tube > (S) tube > (L) tube (with kick inside).
the problem with this set up is that I have to take out the pin.

The main body pin was screwed tight to the cap. and everything fitted perfectly

Here you have the answer.
Option 1 )
Pro: No need to take out parts.
Easy to take out Kick. You just need to remove the small tube (aka kick ring)
Easy to put kick inside the small tube.
Con: Gaps. (Threading is not showing, though)

Option 2)
Pro: Flush look.
Con: Annoying to put in or take out the kick.
It's bit difficult to put kick inside the large tube. Threading inside catches kick's grounding posts. 
Have to take out the small pin.

I personally prefer to use Option 1. Just because I don't have to take out the pin. Second, because it's easy to take out Kick if I don't want it. 
The gaping is not that bad either. I mean, I would love to have flushed look, but don't want to risk myself losing parts.

How does it performed? Oh, boy!!! When I first read other people's review, I couldn't understand what hit "hard" meant. I mean, vape is just vape? Right?After trying this mod out, it completely changed my mind. It literally hits HARD! The cloud is so potent, and thick. Every puff was consistently potent. MMMmmmm!

There you have it. Hope this answers lot of your Kick question.

Happy vaping!.


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