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Meet Sylvia

I started smoking when I was around 13. It became a every day habit by the time I was 15. Both my parents smoked when I was growing up and I guess that just made it seem like less of a big deal to me. I never really saw it as a problem until my dad was diagnosed with COPD and still couldn't quit smoking. Finally after a doctor appointment where the doctor told him if he didn't quit his health complications would become much more serious than they already were he decided to start using an electronic cigarette and my mom did the same. This inspired me to want to also because I don't want for my son to grow up with the same views as I did about cigarettes and the harm that they cause due to having parents who smoke. It has now been over 4 months since I have had a cigarette and I can truly tell a difference in how I feel. I can breathe and my hair doesn't smell like smoke at all times. My fingers aren't yellow and teeth are whiter. I am extremely happy with the results and would encourage any smoker from those who want to quit being nicotine dependent at some point to those who just want a healthier alternative to give vaping a try. 



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