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AMP Tanker Tank- By Vaping Amp

AMP Tanker Tank- By Vaping Amp
The AMP Tank is the tank that drippers have been waiting for. Dedicated drippers are uncompromising when it comes to getting the most flavor and vapor from their juice. They are willing to do a little extra work rather than sacrifice flavor for the convenience of a cartomizer. The AMP Tank is a standard 510 submersible atomizer tank using unmodified standard 510 atomizers. With the AMP Tank the 510 atomizer is threaded into a connector that is inside the liquid tank allowing you to open the space between the atomizer connector and the base connector and increase or decrease the amount of liquid flowing into the atomizer. The thickness of the juice will determine how one would use the AMP Tank. Those who use thinner juices will be able to instantly enjoy the AMP Tank experience. Those with thicker juices would take advantage of the AMP Tank's adjustability and manual feed feature. There is a small hole on the outside radius of the valve bushing where the air enters. This valve bushing is permanently affixed internally to the 510 atomizer connector inside the tank. The bottom cap and valve bushing can rotate independently, twisting the tank section counter clockwise while holding the valve bushing section will open the space between connectors and expose more of the air intake holes in the atomizer threads to increase juice flow

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