Magnifico e-Cigar - With 3 Flavor Cartridges

The Magnifico Powered Cigar is in a class all its own for several reasons. For starters, it uses a patented high power 1200 mAh battery with a perfectly calibrated liquid cartridge tank. This combo reduces current and heat for perfect vapor. The battery will last weeks to a month or more with normal usage of 25-100 draws a day. Each cartridge yields at least 900-1200 large draws, and the battery charge will handle at least 2 cartridges. This kind of battery life is simply not seen in other vapor systems or e-cigarrettes on the market. Charges on any standard USB port. - Comes with 3 flavor cartridges - Cuban Gold (18 mg), Crystal Mint (12 mg) and Grape Ice (0 mg)

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