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Vape Etiquette

Sylvia Heaton

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                  With the recent news on FDA regulations for electronic cigarettes, I feel this is a good time to discuss vape etiquette. Because the vapor is virtually odorless, some e-cig users seem to feel that it is ok to blow clouds anytime, anywhere. Due to there still not being a lot of public awareness about electronic cigarettes and their safety, vaping in public places with no consideration for the uneducated people around you only makes all of us look bad. But have no fear, there are some simple rules that we can follow to make sure we are respecting those around us and still able to enjoy our e-cigs.

  1. If you are in doubt, always ask. Before vaping in a restaurant or bar that doesn’t allow the smoking of analog cigarettes, always ask a manager or another employee before using your device.
  2. Don’t vape around other people’s children. Just don’t.
  3. Answer people’s questions about vaping politely. People who know nothing about electronic cigarettes are curious and at times weary of these devices because they know nothing about how the second hand vapor could effect them. Not everyone is going to agree that e-cigs are a safer alternative to cigarettes, but getting on your soapbox and getting heated about this topic will only help to further their opinion that e-cigs are bad news.
  4. When hanging out with other vapers, don’t just pick up their device and use it without asking their permission. They put it in their mouths. Some people are uncomfortable sharing drinks or forks, and those people would almost certainly be uncomfortable with sharing the mouthpiece of their e-cig.
  5. Practice stealth vaping. Walking down the aisle at the grocery store or sitting in the movie theater blowing clouds is inappropriate and looks ridiculous. Find a bathroom or a corner to take a few puffs and go about your business.


                  It really all just comes down to consideration for other people. Use your common sense and respect others and vapers and non-vapers alike will be happier. 

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