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Nicotine Levels and Choosing What's Best for YOU!

Mike W

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  What's up everyone? Mike here, General Manager of Atlanta Vapor. I wanted to take a moment to address the most common issue and question out there in the vape world, especially asked by those just getting started. I hope my advice and personal experience will be a great help!   How much nicotine do I need? Well, first lets ask ourselves this question- How long have you smoked cigarettes? Studies show that when you become dependant on anything, it becomes that much harder to get away from. I smoked for 15 years myself, and also developed a habit of...

Vape Etiquette

Sylvia Heaton

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                  With the recent news on FDA regulations for electronic cigarettes, I feel this is a good time to discuss vape etiquette. Because the vapor is virtually odorless, some e-cig users seem to feel that it is ok to blow clouds anytime, anywhere. Due to there still not being a lot of public awareness about electronic cigarettes and their safety, vaping in public places with no consideration for the uneducated people around you only makes all of us look bad. But have no fear, there are some simple rules that we can follow...

provari Neptune Silverback

Brandon Blalock

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Choose the weapon of your choice... The Provari, Neptune, or my personal favorite the Silverback! Here at #atlantavapor#mods #highend #vapeporn #peachtreecity #neptunemod#provari #silverback #viscousant



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